IVY Generation

This is one of my projects when I interned in Netease Game in the summer of 2019. 

Since the game, my group contributed took the devastated place after the nuclear explosion as backgroud. It requires a bulk of plants covering buildings. The goal is to create the ivy procedural growing in any buildings. And I developed two different methods in Houdini.

The first approach is to establish the Distance field by converting the building to VDB. And ivy grows procedurally by analyzing distance with the building.

The result is as follows.

However, VDB calculation is highly expensive. Though it creates a lifelike ivy or wine growing, it’s not practical for games.

Another approach is to remesh the building surface and to simulate the growing path by A* search. 

The results are as follows.

Building Generation by CSP

Inspired by Oskar Stalberg’s demo in the game, in which the island is procedurally generated by an algorithm called “Wave Function Collapsed”, I try to test it.

“Wave Function collapsed” algorithm, in fact, is just a “Constraint Satisfaction Problem”(CSP) as an AI algorithm. The common CSP problems are like Sudo, color map theorem. And I implement the most basic CSP algorithm to generate buildings in Houdini.

Given any building shape(like box, sphere, dragon, or anything), the Algorithm could generate building composed by little rooms by its shape.

This project will continue, my goal is to generate a HongKong, LOL!

Download Links

Download Links of Illusion

Game Files download link:

video download link: 

Game Vedio of Illusion

Download Links of Ink KUN

Game Files download link:

video download link:


Download Links of Body Clearance Project

Game Files download link:

video download link:

Body Clearance Project Vedio


<Bloom> (course project, July 2019)

Cooperated with: Students from UAL

We tried to make software which people have their little planet inside. Plant’s movement is affected by a player’s movement in the real world. If someone has already built a relationship with you, his or her planet will form a little galaxy with you. A tiny sun will show up, which keeps the flowers on your planet growing. So, to keep their well designed flower sea blooming, we encourage people to spare more time with their friends and family, or brave enough to make new friends.


Emotion-Recognition Based Facial Motion Capture (course project, Jan 2019)

Cooperated with: Chuxiao Zeng, Yuchen Xie

This is the course project for Computer Vision. One problem in motion capture is that facial expression is rigid and unnatural. We proposed a new method to mix the data between motion captured with the data that the machine learning system predicted from a video. By reading the human face, the machine learning system will give a weight of different emotions. With the preset of various muscle movements corresponding to these emotions, the prediction will enhance the motion capture that generates a more vivid animation.

Link of the paper:



Render Translucent Object with BSSRDF (course project, May 2018)

Cooperated with: Jianshu Gao, Donghao Zhao

This is the course project of Computer Graphics. The reports demonstrate our approach to rendering translucent objects like skin, milk, and marble by BSSRDF (Bidirectional scattering-surface reflectance distribution function)


Link of the project paper:



Experimental Animation <droplet> (Course project, March 2018)

Water is a metaphor for women in traditional Chinese idioms. When I watch the slow-motion of a droplet, here’s a moment that shapes so like a person struggling out. And I give this droplet a life to be a girl.


Installation Art <0123> (Oct 2018)

Cooperated with: Yang Yang(Vice Dean)

This is an installation to project ink simulation on a corridor. We used the LIDAR to track the player’s movement and calculate the ink simulation corresponding. Vice Dean Yang proposed this idea that is using ink and the Chinese Paint method to depict a person’s life track.


Experimental Animation <Witch> (Course project, May 2018)

Guidance: Mengmeng Chen

Shanghai has a nickname called “magic city”. Skyscrapers and haze give this city a magical atmosphere. Shanghai offers the best opportunity for youngsters but also places huge pressure on them. I try to use this experimental animation to express the youngster’s state of life in this “magic city”.


Individual Game <Illusion> (Aug 2019 - )

<Illusion> is a game developed by myself. I want to show the feeling of “Breathing”, which I regard as the beauty of life. The game bases on a story that, a robotic girl steps into a naughty plant’s memory to seek her code. The player needs to find each scene’s symptom and frequency and well arranges a route to pass through the dynamic maze.

The story happens between a robot who got so bored after the death of professor (creator) that wantd to suicide but can’t execute the code, and a mischivous plant who used to be the pet of professor.

The professor regarded robot as his own child but haven’t fully developed her own consciousness before he passed away.   The last wish of professor was to let robot generate her own consciousness. The robot reiterated the job after the professor’s death, got bored but couldn’t break the limit (code limitation), even of no access to suicide. Since the plant and professors are only people who knows the code, she ask plant for permission.

However,  the plant seems to hate this robot since her born, always plays tricks on her.

The plant (a smart creature, with great memory,  can create dream for human)  was brought back by professor 10 years ago from wasteyard,  when human didn’t need plants. Though can’t speak a word, professor regard him as the cloest pet (I got inspired by film <Leon: the professional >).  It was naughty and of bad temper.

Plants hated the robot cuz robot drew professor’s attention and love from it. It felt abandoned. (but indeed, plant loved and cared about this little stupid robot, it hided this emotion)

Plant denied the robot request to suicide, but told the robot if she could pass the riddle of it, it will return the suicide code.

Game begins:

However, when players goes through the first level, plants doesn’t hand out the suicide code, but a memory that he used to make fun of her. It is a mischief.

After level two, same result……, robot gets angry.

Plants leaves a word: you can solve all the riddle and unlock all of its memory and found the code. (It seems a mischief, but in fact, plant doesn’t want robot to suicide, to leave from it).

The level then….player will fetch more and more memory of plant, knows  why plant dislike this robot, knows that plants cares for this little baby, plays with her when professor was out.

At last, the robot found the memory that contains suicide code, but plant was unwilling to leak. Player should choose:

Win the final game: get the code and leave the plants forever

Or lose the final game deliberately to reconcile with plant (be the last friend in this world).


Body Clearance Project

Body Clearance Project

1st Prize in Netease 72 hours Game Jam.



“Body Clearance Project” is an RTS game. It’s about the war between hemameba and viruses. The player takes the role of a doctor using different medicine to help hemameba. In this game, we invent a new RTS mechanism called ” Third-Party RTS Game”. 




1) <Rick and Morty: Anatomy Park>: Yeah, I am a fan of Rick and Morty. It inspired me to create a game under a microscope.

2) We want to create a quick RTS game which could reduce the player’s knowledge burden in traditional RTS games.


We call it the “Third-party RTS Game”, where the player stands as the third-part to influence the battle between two AI party. Since AI

takes player’s role to battle, player only needs to focus on their own skills. This mechanism reduces the information complexity for players.


As you can see,  there are hemameba and virus gushing from base camp impulsively.  Every time a hemameba encounters a virus, their life

will reduce 10 per second.  Each camp could take strikes for 20 times.  And the color is the indicator of how much camp suffers from the



Two AI:


Speed: 60

 Life: 70


Speed: 80

Life: 40

Type of Medicine:

1)Anitbiotic Drug: Work as Bomb. It will kill viruse, smash the tissue and also kill hemeba. Be careful!

2)Hemostatic Drug: Build up the fence. It will interdict movement in tunnel

3) Targeted Frug: Acceleration. It will speed up the object in on direction.

4) Polymeric Drug: Aggregation. It will gather the surrounding hemameba to intergrete into a gaint hemameba.


How to play


              1) Download the .zip file, and extract the folder.

              2) Click “DrugGame.exe”

              3) Scroll to view levels. There are three levels in picture:

                           a. Brain.

                           b. lung.

                           c. liver

               4) Double click the “apparatu” to start level.

               5) Close the application window to leave.



         Google Drive Link: